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Join our community and have lifetime access to an incredible resource. Here is a look at some of what you get:

  • Complete Series of “Technique” Training Videos

  • Learn “Inner Reconciliation” from the source


    It’s time for some real, effective how-to on the subject of inner mastery. Facing and befriending your demons. Uncovering the original source of your blocks, wounds, fears, and addressing them directly.

    Inner Reconciliation is the extremely powerful approach to this process that GP Walsh has been developing as a professional for over 30 years.

    Many approaches out there are resistance in disguise- trying to get rid of, change, transcend, or fix a ‘broken’ self. Here you will finally begin seeing the genius of your own system, why it is protecting you the way it is (*not* sabotaging you,) and work with it. Like a beautifully functioning team, the result is an inner resourcefulness, power and efficiency that words fail to describe.

  • A “Technique-Agnostic” environment


    If it works, we welcome it. There are members with extensive backgrounds in all sorts of inner work, whether spiritual techniques like meditation / releasing, to NLP and traditional therapy.

    You are encouraged to experiment, explore and share what works. We do *not* give you a stock answer, or keep the discussion to “our way of doing things around here.”

  • A place to do real inner work on MEN’s issues


    Every try to bring up working on sex, wanting to be single or end a relationship, anger towards women, pressures and expectations around being a man at that last retreat or seminar? How did that work out for you?

    You won’t get the surface level bullshit, jokes, or PC good behavior that happens from a mixed gender environment. You’ll go DEEP with the work, with people who actually know how to do it.

  • Support for you to be WHO YOU ARE


    What do you actually want? There’s a lot of things that you think you do, but sometimes they are just distractions.

    We’re not here to sell the pipe dream that appeals to the most trivial desires in you.

    You might have a burning drive to be an artist or develop some skill that is going to require serious training and going into the cave for a while.

    Maybe you are at the stage where you want to settle down and get married. Or you ARE married.

    Maybe you’ve never had a chance to experience a successful single/dating life and you want to.

    We’re not going to tell you the secret to life is to become some socialite, or to go bang as many women as possible because that is what a truly free alpha man does. That’s horse shit. If YOU want that, and you might, you’ll get the best inner work out there to help realize it. It’s time to be around people who will respect what you want and help you do the work to verify it, and realize it.

    As you learn to address the “what do I really want” question from a place of deep inner exploration and courage, you connect to true motivation and intention in a way that finally feels fully alive and inspired.

  • Unlimited access to our active forum


    NOT your standard forum.There are several highly skilled facilitators, coaches and generally successful dudes from a wide range of backgrounds who are all engaged in supporting each other.

    There is NO dogma, no stock answer-groupthink, just genuine work and discussion around real, personal issues. Divergence into hypothetical mental masturbation is spotted and called out for what it is, and egos are kept at the door. It is a powerful experience to be working with other men who genuinely have your back, and respect where you are at.

  • Over 150 hours of video content


    Created over 2+ years, all specifically for The Balls Project. This answers countless questions, specific issues, even working with individuals directly all from within the community.

  • Accept “The Challenges” with support


    We love the IDEA of setting goals and challenges for ourselves. That gym routine we’re going to do for 6 months, stop watching porn, complete that project by the end of the month.

    It’s one thing to have the idea and say it to yourself.

    It’s another thing entirely to commit, put it in writing, and have other men hold you accountable to it. Not only that, but support you with it, and when blocks or resistances come up, give actual tools and support (or straight up ass-kicking if required) to get through it.

  • Promote your service or business


    Are you a coach? Trainer? Create kick-ass web solutions? Whatever it is, we not only allow but encourage men at the BP to advertise what they do (there is a special section for it) and offer their services.

  • Connect with men who achieve REAL RESULTS


    One of the most important things in life is to form relationships with people who have achieved actual success in the areas of life you are interested in. Real, lasting results, not quick fixes or exaggerated flukes.

    This is a private community where those who choose to go beyond lurking, really get to know each other, often by face/name. This is a rare place free of forum-warriors and internet-persona bullshit.

    This community includes men who have:

    1. Built their own successful businesses online and offline
    2. Achieved financial independence and can focus on their passions instead of purely making a living
    3. Made and continue to make a full time living from their passion in fields like the arts, coaching, etc.
    4. Progressed from total inexperience with women to having healthy relationships/sex lives
    5. Experienced “crazy results” with the whole women/pickup/sex world, have moved on from it, and share their advice from a mature perspective
    6. Have gone very deep with the inner work, paid their dues, and have directly experienced the whole “inner peace, self-acceptance” stuff and can communicate it in PRACTICAL and relevant ways.

Most importantly, the men here are more interested in supporting you to do the work to experience these things, not just read about them


Check out these video responses from the forum

Desire / Passion

Masculine / Feminine Sides


Unsolicited Testimonials From Guys (Posted in the Forum)

But then I joined this forum and everything changed within 2 days. I watched the video techniques series and then some of the practicing awareness audios. And finally, everything made sense.
Four months on this forum have done more for me than thirty years of books,audio courses and seminars. Priceless.


I’m already more confident, my self-picture is changing and I am more at ease with myself. I don’t have the feeling of running away from my problems anymore. I have the means to face all my issues now and in future.

It’s All Here and All Included


There are over 150 hours of audio and video so far

PURE CONTENT, answering questsions and exercises – not to mention all the activity on the forum itself

This is NOT an”entry” into a member page where we try to sell you a bunch of crap. All the content, audio, and video and everything you need is included in the admission.

  • NO Upsells / Downsells / Cross Sales
  • NO holding back on our best content so it can be released to you later as separate products
  • NO constant bombarding of your email address with affiliate offers
  • NO “drip feeding” of content – you have access to everything immediately.
  • NO “quick fix” claims, subliminal fix-all’s – just solid, no bullshit material that works, with support for actually using it.

A Safe, Confidential and Anonymous Environment

Privacy and Confidentiality: This is a serious place for serious men to do inner work. It is a totally safe environment to do just that. There is an absolute, unyielding code of total confidentiality. Any violation means expulsion. Period. No exceptions.

Anonymity: You need to be able to be brutally honest and you need a place to be able to do that. That is why there are no women here. You also have total anonymity if desired. You don’t even have to use your real name. Men will need to earn your trust and you theirs.



Responses to the Weekly Videos

“This is an amazing video, thank you…”

“Thanks a lot guys, again, GREAT content, the exercise was POWERFUL”

“That’s the best explanation of indifference that I have ever heard, and it fits perfectly well with taking full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Thanks guys!”


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